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Manor ISD to celebrate National School Lunch Week Oct. 9-13 with nearly 3,000 pounds of locally-sourced fruits and vegetables

Manor ISD is celebrating National School Lunch Week Oct. 9-13 by buying nearly 3,000 pounds of fresh fruits and veggies from farms all based in Texas and the Austin-area.

These items will be served at lunch to all students in each of Manor ISD’s 15 campuses and will promote healthy eating as well as sustainable agricultural practices.

As part of the week, Manor ISD will be purchasing 100 pounds of lettuce from Leaf Safari in Manor. Leaf Safari is a sustainable Texas farm that produces a variety of locally grown greens.

On top of that, the district will purchase 1,085 pounds of apples from Farwell, 500 pounds of zucchini from Fredericksburg, 300 pounds of tomatoes from Marfa, and 1,000 pounds of red potatoes from Fredonia. The red potatoes are certified organic as well. 

Manor ISD’s School Lunch Week initiative is also a part of the Local Products Challenge from the Texas Department of Agriculture. To meet the challenge in 2017, Child Nutrition Departments must serve a minimum of three different meal components from local sources and complete a Farm Fresh educational activity in the month of October.

Photo by Jennifer Parks, Manor ISD Food and Nutrition Services

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