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Manor ISD Celebrates Teachers of the Month for October

Ms. Faulkner

Mrs. Martha Faulkner

Decker Elementary School

Ms. Brandon Powell, Principal

Mrs. Faulkner is data-driven and scaffolds instruction depending on the needs of her students.  She is a model teacher. Growing teachers have gone to her classroom to observe instruction in her class. Mrs. Faulkner makes positive phone calls home. She makes the time to get to know the family.  Mrs. Faulkner has a positive lens and is always willing to help the school, community, and peers.

Ms. Blount

Ms. Jennifer Blount

Blake Manor Elementary

Ms. Maelouisa Morales, Principal

Ms. Blount supports our bulldogs in expanding their creativity while studying drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, art history and so much more.  Additionally, she supports the whole campus by sharing the student’s artwork throughout the school. Ms. Blount significantly enriches her colleagues and improves campus culture by tirelessly assures that the campus is appropriately decorated for the occasion.  She offers expanded opportunities to the students in her after-school Art Club that runs throughout the fall and spring. She celebrates student artwork via @BMESartroom on Twitter by putting class updates and occasional photos. EVERY school-wide activity or event benefits from the talents and dedication of Ms. Blount.  She has been a proud bulldog for 5 years and consistently goes above and beyond the classroom in supporting the campus and excels at showcasing the students’ artwork.

Mr. Navarette

Mr. Alejandro Navarette

Manor Senior High School

Dr. Debra Aceves, Principal

Mr. Navarrette has demonstrated his passion for our scholars’ academic growth through the countless hours he has dedicated to making sure our scholars receive a strong instructional foundation.  Mr. Navarrette is not only MSHS Teacher of the Month, but he was also selected for Students Choice Teacher of the Month. Mr. Navarrettte continues to set the bar of expectations high for his students, colleagues, and campus atmosphere.  Mr. Navarrette is truly a champion of all scholars on our campus. His passion for learning and guiding new and veteran faculty is evident by the leadership role he has undertaken in previous years and the multiple preps he is teaching this year.


Ms. Galaviz

Ms. Juanita Galaviz

Manor High School

Mr. Jon Bailey, Principal

Ms. Maldonado is data-driven and innovative with her instruction.  She is constantly differentiating her lessons to close achievement gaps and supporting the campus culture.  Ms. Maldonado has gone above and beyond with planning interventions for her students and in addition supporting the entire ELA Team with explicit scheduling for students.  She also serves as a Coach and actively engages the students & parents in their extracurricular activities to promote student success. Ms. Maldonado is new to MHS, but serves on several committees, works with the Leadership Team to support her colleagues and serves students campus-wide.

Mr. Gloria

Mr. John Gloria

Manor Early College High School

Ms. Alime Sadikova, Principal

Mr. Gloria helps students develop research skills early in their high school journey and helps them critically for themselves when reading books or articles.  He successfully leads the history department and helps his colleagues build cross-curricular instruction. Mr. Gloria constantly keeps in communication with parents, which helps to keep them actively engaged in their children’s learning.  Mr. Gloria is a team player, an innovative leader, and he truly cares about students!

Ms. Stephens

Ms. Krysia Stephens

Manor New Tech Middle School

Mr. Christopher Smith, Principal

Mrs. Stephens is an exceptional teacher and professional colleague.  Mrs. Stephens exemplifies work ethic and dedication. As a consummate professional, she is the epitome of collegial professionalism.  She is an outstanding colleague. As a teacher, she teaches from the heart. Her lessons are well planned and filled with detail so each and every scholar will have the opportunity to exceed in their learning.  She sets high expectations for herself and her scholars. There are many moments of joy in her classroom. Her scholars are challenged to explore the territories of learning defined by depth of knowledge. Mrs. Stephens is one of the finest teachers I know.  Without reservation, she is our educator of the month for Manor New Tech Middle School.


Ms. Lane

Ms. Macy Lane

Manor Elementary School

Ms. Araceli Soliz, Principal

Ms. Lane leads PLC meetings weekly where she is guiding teachers on how to implement components of the International Baccalaureate Program.  She is a dedicated advocate for the rigorous learning of IB and supports teachers daily towards making sure that all students have access to that learning in all classrooms.

Ms. Herrera

Ms. Yvonne Herrera

Bluebonnet Trail Elementary

Angel De Luna, Principal

Ms. Herrera has grown her students tremendously since her arrival at BTE.  She collected data from her first DFA and has continued to progress monitor the specific standards her students are working on.  She is very caring and believes all our students can grow emotionally and academically. As such, Ms. Herrera has made a huge positive impact on her 4th-grade team.  She has stepped into the team lead position and has improved the culture of the team by her positivity, knowledge, and putting students first...always. Another example of how much she really wants our students to be successful:  when she obtained 9 new students to ensure they are receiving the best academics possible in 4th grade, Ms. Herrera willingly took on the challenge of combining classes. The parents were excited to hear their children would be in the hands of a teacher with years of proven results.


Ms. Baker

Ms. Lisa Baker

Oak Meadows Elementary

Mr. Salvador Vega, Principal

4th and 5th-grade SPED/Inclusion students scored significantly higher in 2018 STAAR Math and Reading. DMS personnel commented, “Who taught these 6th graders at OME?” Lisa Baker was the answer.  This is Ms. Baker’s second year as serving as the OME SPED Chair. Her leadership has allowed OME to stay consistently on top of ALL Manor ISD SPED and CAP requirements. She continues to provide much-needed student intervention support during the RTI process. Even though the position offers no stipend, Mrs. Baker’s love for students and her commitment to excellence, enables her to continue to serve as the OME SPED/Inclusion Chair!  On behalf of all OME students, faculty and administration, Thank you, Mrs. Baker!

Ms. Ortiz

Mrs. Miriam Ortiz

ShadowGlen Elementary

Dr. Niccole Delestre, Principal

Mrs. Ortiz is an excellent Dual Language teacher.  No matter the time of day I walk into her classroom, the students are actively engaged, working collaboratively or using TPR within a lesson.  She has high academic expectations for all students. Also, Mrs. Ortiz is currently mentoring the first-grade dual language teacher who is both new to teaching and Dual Language.  She helps plan TPR lessons for her grade level and teaches transdisciplinary to engage all learners. Mrs. Ortiz has taken on the task of coordinating our Hispanic Heritage Month celebration as well as communicating with Hispanic Heroes to set up Skype conversations for her students and parents.

Ms. Paz

Ms. Juanita Paz

Lagos Elementary School

Ms. Malaki Hawkins, Principal

Ms. Paz has been selected as our October Teacher of the Month because she is the epitome of an excellent role model for teachers, staff, and students.  Ms. Paz has extremely high expectations of her students. She teaches a 2/3 bilingual split in Reading and her students have shown a tremendous amount of growth from one year to the next in the areas of Reading and Writing.  Students hold themselves accountable and want to exceed Ms. Paz's expectations. Ms. Paz provides astounding professional development to her colleagues and provides valuable resources to all grade levels. Parents have commented on our campus surveys that Ms. Paz goes above and beyond to support their children.  Ms. Paz's has CFA data that mirrors her expectations and this is a reason why her students appreciate all that she does as a teacher to make sure her students are successful.

Mr. Snell

Mr. Michael Snell

Manor Excel Academy

Mr. Jerry Statos, Principal

Michael Snell effectively supports ALL students in student short and long-term goal setting; ensuring accommodations are being met; addressing/resolving student academic concerns; holding students accountable for their own educational pathway; effective communication with parents; identifying and celebrating student success and advocating for student needs.  He invites parents in to meet as students present and discuss their goals and plans for the future. He works with parents to advocate for their students’ needs by being a vocal member of the ARD committee, and he consistently keeps parents updated with student progress. He has facilitated opportunities for students to seek out job opportunities, career and technology training, military recruiting and recreational athletics.  He has worked with outside resources in an effort to acquire professional development and career planning for our students. Mr. Snell enriches the professional learning of colleagues by constantly sharing his own personal knowledge and what he’s learned in PD sessions related to how to better serve and accommodate our SPED students. He works diligently to ensure that teachers are familiar with student accommodations and needs, and how to best serve them (the students).  He works with colleagues to ensure that they implement best practices to support ALL student success and he supports and serves the campus in various capacities as needed. He does this without question, complaint or delay. His efficiency in his work and his ability to build effective relationships with all educational stakeholders has had a significant impact on campus culture. He inspires others by positively addressing student, parent and teacher concerns and by demonstrating how to get positive responses from students, even when situations seem bleak.  Mr. Snell is always positive and willing to support all campus needs. He is student-centered and that is evident in how he advocates and encourages students to self-advocate for what they want and need academically. His approachable demeanor encourages students and parents to speak freely about their concerns and to trust in his recommendations, feedback, and suggestions.

Ms. Dent

Ms. Chantre Dent

Presidential Meadows Elementary

Ms. LaNica Failey, Principal

Ms. Dent ensured that 100% of her 2nd-grade class made at least one year's growth in Reading.  Parents with multiple students continuously request Ms. Dent as their child's teacher. They were ecstatic when they knew she looped up to 3rd grade this year.  As her first year in a tested grade level, she has really stepped up to the challenge with grace and determination to ensure all students will grow at least one year!


Ms Guerra

Ms. Crystaleen Guerra

Pioneer Crossing Elementary

Ms. Eddwina Flowers, Principal

Ms. Guerra’s students consistently go on to have successful 3rd-grade years after being in her class.  She shows selflessness when helping other teachers complete BOY testing 2nd & Kinder Bilingual students.  She has been organizing Hispanic Heritage Month on campus as well as facilitating our involvement in the district Hispanic Heritage event. Ms. Guerra has also been organizing the Spooky Literacy night in which our community loves to participate.



Mr. Noel Sanchez (not pictured)

Manor Middle School

Mr. Donald Wise, Principal

Mr. Sanchez has shown what it takes to be a team player. He has literally done the job of two teachers since the beginning of the school year without complaint. He has been instrumental in working with our students and has built our campus climate through his hard work. I appreciate his hard work and dedication to MMS.


Ms. Adriana Solis (not pictured)

Decker Middle School

Ms. Dayna Anthony Swain

Ms. Solis has taken on unofficial mentorship with many of our students in need.  She’s been instrumental in helping with GEAR UP. Students love her exploratory languages class, which is new to DMS this year.  She translates for ARDs without complaining and has worked after hours on a volunteer basis.

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