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Manor ISD Celebrates Teacher of the month of January

As part of Manor ISD continued effort to celebrate the hard work that is being done throughout the district, each principal was asked to nominate one teacher from their campus to be recognized at the January school board meeting. Congratulations to all those chosen!
Ms. Romero

Ms. Veronica Romero

Oak Meadows Elementary, Mr. Vega, Principal

3 years in MISD

Ms. Romero's' 1st-grade students are challenged with culture and rigorous lessons that incorporate math, reading, and writing.  Ms. Romero's class is a mold for self-discipline and focus on academics. Her growth mindset motivates her to seek out instructional support that directly impacts student learning. Ms. Romero is an expert in dual language strategies and has led several dual-language training for Manor ISD.  She is a skilled collaborator. Parents enjoy a warm and engaging relationship with Ms. Romero. Parent's comments have all been positive!


Ms. Callahan

Ms. Carly Callahan

Bluebonnet Trail Elementary, Mr. DeLuna, Principal

2 years in MISD

Callahan had 47% of her kids at or above the level at the beginning of the year.  At the end of Decem,ber she had 71% at or above grade level. Ms. Callahan helps lead 2nd grade PLC's and provides a positive outlook during team meetings. Her excitement for creating IB units is contagious and engaging for all. She was our rookie of the year last year. Ms. Callahan has built positive relationships with her parents. She is also our webmaster which communicates to the community.


Ms. Young

Ms. Chelsea Young

Decker Middle, Ms. Swain, Principal

1st year in MISD

As a first-year teacher, Ms. Young is soaring in the academic performance of her students. In her classroom, she implements and uses all resources provided to her. She pulls students for tutoring and also acts as an unofficial mentor for many students on campus. Mrs. Young has an infectious smile and can-do attitude. Anyone who comes in to contact with her cannot help but to have a good day (students and staff included). Mrs. Young not only attends evening events that involve parents and the community but she also engages. She is a rock star!


Ms. Reyes

Ms. Diana Reyes

Manor Middle School, Mr. Wise, Principal

Ms. Reyes is an encourager and she always has uplifting words for staff and students. She coaches UIL and meets with parents regularly. She also tutors students outside of her regular tutoring schedule. Ms. Reyes living in this community and is vested in Manor ISD and the families that we sere. She has a great rapport with our families.  


Mr. Fisher

Mr. Stephen Fisher

Manor Early College High School, Ms. Sadikova, Principal

7 years in MISD

Mr. Fisher is an expert in science and has an excellent relationship with his students. He serves as the Science department chair who leads and trains his fellow colleagues weekly. Mr. Fisher makes an effort to stay in touch with parents, and always finds the time to constantly participate in Student Government Association events. Mr. Fisher’s students continually have the highest scores in Biology I tests and I believe that is due to his very engaging and hands-on classroom approach.


Ms. Garcia

 Ms. Jeana Garcia

Manor High School, Mr. Bailey, Principal

2 years in MISD

Ms. Garcia is a team leader and always finding innovative ways to increase the rigor & student achievement in her Algebra I class. Ms. Garcia is a part of several campus committees (AVID, Mentor, PBIS) Ms.Garcia is constantly inviting parents to her class and to attend conferences. She also attends several of her students' extracurricular activities for support


Mr. Cunningham

Mr. Jonathan Cunningham

Manor Senior High School, Ms. Deaton, Interim Principal

1 year in MISD

He holds students to high expectations, and he takes the time to plan meticulous lessons to scaffold in learning.  He uses graphic organizers with students and works to build a genuine rapport with students. For a first-year teacher, he has strong classroom management. Mr. Cunningham has improved campus culture by making his classroom a literature-rich space with anchor charts and student work.  The books he recommends are those he is reading or has read. Mr. Cunningham has continually communicated his high expectations for his students with all parents.


Ms. Austin

Ms. Krystle Austin

Blake Manor Elementary, Ms. Morales, Principal

4 years in MISD

This educator has consistently had exceptional academic scores in all of her years of teaching at BME. The amount of growth that her students make in one year exceeds that of even our most seasoned educators. For instance, this year, she started with 30% of her students exceeding grade level expectations in reading, and now 57% of her students are exceeding expectations in reading. This is a 27% gain in 4 months! Her ability to identify the varying needs of her students and her dedication to differentiating all instruction is what leads to such high standards of student success. She works extremely hard to plan lessons that support students daily and she makes it a priority to find ways that help them be successful. She guides them each and every step of the way so that learning can happen for every child. Mrs. Austin also understands the importance of developing the whole child and she not only supports them with academics, but she teaches them to be kind, caring, and support citizens in and outside of the classroom.


Ms. Woodson

Ms. LaTonya Woodson

Lagos Elementary, Ms. Hawkins, Principal

5 Years in MISD

Ms. Woodson's approach to learning is to educate the whole child. No child will be left behind. Ms. Woodson has high expectations and she differentiates to support the needs of her student. Ms. Woodson always holds her students accountable and students rise to meet those expectations. Ms. Woodson shares her ideas with other teachers in professional development on campus such as how to provide follow up and feedback to students. Parents have praised Ms. Woodson's style of teaching and how she works with her students. Ms. Woodson is a team player and she has everyone's best interest when it comes to students.


Ms. Breseno

Ms. Michelle Briseno

Decker Elementary, Ms. Powell, Principal

1 year in MISD

Ms. Briseno consistently holds all of her students to high expectations. She ensures that each and every student is learning at high levels every single day. She also finds innovative ways to implement cross-disciplinary lessons that are very engaging for students. Ms. Briseno always takes time to collaborate with teachers both horizontally and vertically. She shares her instructional expertise with other teachers to support the growth of all of our students at Decker Elementary. Ms. Briseno has established a system to communicate with parents regularly to discuss the academic progress of each of her students. Her students have data folders where they track their own progress in order to take ownership of their own learning. Ms. Briseno utilizes these data folders to share students' progress and work samples with their families in order to support the connection between home and school.


Mr. Davis

Mr. Paul Davis

Manor New Tech Middle, Mr. Smith, Principal

2 years in MISD

Mr. Davis places scholar relationships and safety first. His classroom management is a model of best practice learning environments that our novice teachers are required to visit. Mr.Davis takes the lead on all new science department and grade level endeavors, including taking on department head responsibilities. Mr. Davis is a UIL sponsor and plays piano for the choir performances when needed. Mr. Davis is always there for all scholars and helps the campus where every help is needed.


Ms. Pettite

Ms. Rachel Pettitte

Manor Elementary, Ms. Soliz, Principal

22 years in MISD

Ms. Pettitte fully embraces her role as librarian to support the academic program. She can frequently be found collaborating with staff members to support classroom lessons and garner resources for teaching staff.  Ms. Pettitte effectively mobilizes volunteers to assist in the library so that she is able to open up as much time as possible to work with directly with students to teach them valuable reading and research skills, reinforcing content being taught in the classroom. Ms.Pettitte looks for every available teaching moment she has to push student learning forward. She is a role model to her colleagues for professionalism and dedication to our daily work.


Ms. Rad

Ms. Ashley Radovcich AKA Ms. Rad

Manor Excel Academy, Mr. Stratos, Principal

1 year in MISD.

Ms. Rad's influence on the exceptional academic growth of students is demonstrated by her extensive planning, small group sessions, one-on-one sessions and modeling of her classroom expectations. Her students are very comfortable seeking support from her and she works with them at their various levels until they have accomplished their goal(s). She builds effective relationships and utilizes her ability to do so, to coach our students to advocate for themselves inside and outside the classroom. Her passion for teaching really enables her to establish a rapport with the students that is insurmountable and is evident in the way that students strive to do great work in her class. Ms. Rad has significantly enriched the professional learning of colleagues, and improved campus culture by always sharing ideas, asking the really tough questions that others may not be comfortable with asking, participating in all spirit days and activities, sharing resources and always being willing to take on more duties to support the whole team! Ms. Rad is the teacher that doesn't hesitate to reach out to parents to share good news as well as provide feedback about areas of opportunity for students. She seeks out opportunities that will enable her to get to know more about her students, their, families and their lifestyle/culture.


Ms. Garcia

Ms. Ruth Garcia

Presidential Meadows Elementary, Ms. Failey, Principal

Ms. Garcia works hard to ensure that each student at PME has a strong foundation in music and understands its connection to academics and the world around them. She fosters relationships with all of our Eagles and creates a culture of respect and hard work in her classroom. Ms. Garcia works tirelessly with staff and students to present rich and diverse monthly grade level performances and outstanding performances by our PME honor choir. Ms. Garcia continues to put students first as she creates unique opportunities for our students to perform for their families and the PME community. She works tirelessly to give our eagle families memories that will last a lifetime.


Ms. Siepert

Ms. Sara Siepert

ShadownGlen Elementary, Ms. Delestre, Principal

4 years in MISD

Ms. Siepert takes pride in honing her craft and it shows through her students desire to come to school and be a part of the experience every day. Her students are consistently being challenged to think and grow academically as well as socially. In her class, you will often hear academic vocabulary and see real-world examples of taught concepts come to life.  As a still novice teacher, she was selected as team leader. She is at the forefront in providing structured lessons that take her students beyond preschool basics. As well as planning collaboratively with her team and the Kinder team.


(Those who are awarded but not available for pictures)

Mr. Kevin Ramm

Manor New Tech High, Mr. Garcia, Principal

1 year at MISD

Coach Ramm has Co-Piloted an innovative approach to Algebra I instruction that has already increased our test scores compared to last school year. Coach Ramm is our JV Head Football Coach and Head Varsity Baseball Coach, and also teaches Algebra I and Calculus! Coach Ramm is a leader of our academics and athletics programs!



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